Discussion 2018-2019

Hi G4 & G8 Teachers,

Please if you have any points of improvements to be modified in G4 or G8 books post them here. Your remarks are important to us.

8 thoughts on “Discussion 2018-2019

  1. Aisha says:

    The new voc. are not highlighted with a different to attract Ss attention. Some pupils like to prepare the lesson beforehand.

    • Emy says:

      Writing activities are over crowded and loaded .They are not suitable for the majority of the learners .especially low achievers .

  2. Basma almukmer says:

    1. There’s a spelling mistake in the word ‘food’ in the work book page 14. It is replaced with “fook”.
    2. WB is stuffed with many writing composition tasks. Unit 1 has more than 6 writing tasks.
    3. Unit 3 New vocabulary are too many and the words aren’t suitable for grade 4.
    4. The unit can’t be covered in 12 periods.
    5. The WB activities in unit 3 aren’t matching the pupils book content.
    6. The word (chrysalis) in unit 3 can be replaced with (pupa) which is much easier.

  3. Hessa says:

    Written activities in the workbook are too many. Some information are too scientific and complicated.The new vocabulary are too many to be given in four periods a week.

  4. Mona says:

    Grade 4
    Although the new modification decreased the number of to 4 units in each book. However,the book is still condense. Some of the vocabularies are scientific terms and some topics go deep in scientific details what creates a big gap between grade 3 and grade four. The exercises in the work book are too many. Each page has many activities including writing , reading, and even some Mathematical problems. Both the teachers and the pupils are confused. Teachers need more time and extra periods to finish the curriculum.

  5. Marwa Mohamed says:

    The content of the book is too much and there are a large amount of vocabulary . Some activities are difficult for this age.

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