Intermediate Stage(2018-2019)


2nd period exam assignments:

اقرار+وتكليف اختبار فترة الثانية 2018-2019 …docx متوسط

Mock Exams 1st period 2018-2019:

G6 model answer     G6 test questions 

G7 model answer      G7 test questions 

G8 model answer      G8 test questions

G9 model answer      G9 test questions

Modification on G8 Books 2018-2019:

editing free

New Scoring sheets 2018-2019:

Sample Question 2018-2019:

Types of Questions_Intermediate 2018-2019:


New Types of questions 2018-2019 :

New Unit Plan & Learning Units 2018-2019:-

New Descriptors 2018-2019:-

Distribution of syllabus 2018 – 2019:

Localized training 2018-2019


To be updated soon:-

فئات مهارات الحياة 2016-2017

Work Sheets ( Al-Jahra Inter. School)

Low Achievers Form 2018- 2019


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