Teachers’ development ( 2016) التنمية المهنية

الدورة التدريبية للمنهج الوطني الجديد


اجتماع التوجيه – الفصل الاول  – 2015-2016

Cooperative Learning

Differentiating Instruction

ورش الملتقى التدريبي الثالث  2014 -2015 

HODs meetings


New Recruits


Teaching the four skills
All Teacher Development Files.  In one folder

Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer handout -2012 (4)


Remember !    Good people make good places.
Try to make your class, department  and school a good place to work in.

2 thoughts on “Teachers’ development ( 2016) التنمية المهنية

  1. I love my work and Ican’t imagine a teacher who wouldn’t love it .Ialso believe that teaching is a gift and a talent , that’s the secret behind success….. just love what you do

  2. Thank you for your efforts.
    The guideline for the nominees for h.o.d above… is it what we should study for the written exam ?
    Pls answer me….

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