TESOL Kuwait Organization

Have you ever wished to join a  community of English language professionals outside your school?If your answer is “Yes” come and join a community of high professionals in Kuwait…

TESOL Kuwait is a professional organization for anyone involved in teaching non-native speakers of English.  This membership organization is devoted to the professional development of its members most of whom are based in Kuwait and the Gulf region.  TESOL Kuwait is an official affiliate of TESOL International

TESOL Kuwait is run by volunteers elected from its membership and is financed by the subscriptions of its members and the proceeds of its Annual International Conference.  Currently, a majority of the members work in higher Education, but with the development of the organization we hope to increase representation from primary, secondary, language, and trade schools.  

Contact current members to see how you can become involved or become a member. 

Mission, Principles and Values


TESOL Kuwait Annual Conference 

14th, 15th and 16th February 2019
Vision 2035: 
Together Towards Tomorrow Teaching and Learning Languages: Innovation and Creativity

Conference Themes

Assessing teaching and learning for sustainable development

Developing learning activities/tasks/strategies for character education

Differentiated instructions / Differentiated Learning

Globalization and Language Teaching

Competency Based Curriculum

Creative / Critical Thinking

Co-operation & Collaboration

Accepting Change

Continuous Professional Development ( CPD )

Assessing Teachers’ needs and evaluating CPD initiatives

Leadership Skills /Leadership, Management and Teacher Development

Teaching EFL Writing in the 21st Century Arab World: Realities and Challenges

Young Learners and Teenagers (YLT)

Adult Education

Testing, Evaluation and Assessment (TEA)

Second Language Acquisition (SLA)

Project-based Learning

Learner autonomy and practitioner research

Teaching & Learning language skills / sub-skills

Action Researches (classroom-based research and research-based teaching)

Technology (All technology-related information, submission guidelines and proposal form can ONLY be through the Evillage Section

Helpful Links

The TESOL Kuwait Conference Proposals Committee has prepared a list to help you write your proposal

Technology-related Call for Proposals are only through the Electronic Village section

Meet our Annual Conference Keynote Speakers

Click on the below link

Conference Speakers

For Sponsor and Vendor Package Information

Click here

For more important links:


Language Arts Festival 

Special Interest Groups 


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